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Financial Aid

We believe the first and most important consideration is to determine what is best educationally for your child. We’d love for you to set up an appointment to see if CrossPointe is the place for you. At CrossPointe, we understand that tuition is an investment into the life of your child that reaps tangible and intangible benefits, and we believe it is a commitment worth making.

Our goal is to partner with families to provide a quality Christian education. Each year CrossPointe has a limited number of scholarship funds to award partial tuition assistance to qualifying families. These scholarships provide tuition assistance through state-funded SSO and school-funded programs.

Brief Overview of Steps

  1. Submit enrollment application to CrossPointe
  2. Submit financial aid application to FACTS (which determines award need) 
  3. Award notification is made
  4. Accept award within 10 days or award is forfeited
  5. Complete financial aid funding application at  (which funds scholarships for eligible students) as directed by school
  6. If award is made and funded by georgiasso, recipients are required to come to the school when funding check is sent to the school (sometime between Aug and April) to endorse the check.  Failure to endorse the SSO (student scholarship organization) funds within 10 days results in forfeit of financial aid award and full tuition is the responsibility of the student's parents.

Financial Aid Eligibility, Application & Expectations

New students must meet all admission criteria and must have been accepted for enrollment.

Returning students must be in good standing in attendance, academics and behavior. 

Students must remain in academic good standing (C average), attendance, and behavioral standing or rewards will be revoked.

Aid to returning students is given priority over new students.

Aid is based on available funding and family need on case-by-case basis.

Financial assistance is determined yearly and must be applied for each year.  An award in one year does not imply aid will be awarded in subsequent years, nor that the amount of aid will be the same.

SSO (Student Scholarship Organization) scholarships are funded when GA residents divert tax dollars to the Georgia Education Tax Scholarship program on CrossPointe's behalf.  Students coming from public school, homeschool, any pre-k, kindergarten or first-grade and those already in the program are eligible for this program.  If you would consider diverting some of your GA tax dollars to CrossPointe, please go to to donate.

CrossPointe has partnered with FACTS, a nationally recognized firm, to receive and process financial aid applications.  FACTS provides CrossPointe with a confidential financial needs report which assists in determining the amount of tuition assistance.  Awards vary in ranges from $250-$4000 and take into consideration the needs report, the number of students in the family enrolled at CCA, and any additional hardship considerations.  When funds are limited, and determinations must be made between qualified candidates, involvement and positive impact in the school are also considered.

Complete financial aid application online at this link (  Returning families sign-in using existing FACTS User Name and password.  New families create a new account.  Only one form per family needs to be completed each year.  All requested forms must be SUBMITTED and VERIFIED by FACTS before an application is considered.  Early verified applications will receive priority review and award status.  

 Financial Aid Notification/Acceptance Process

  1. Financial aid awards will be e-mailed to the applicant on the day awarded. 
  2. Families have 10 days from award notification to accept the award and set up their payment plan.  If this is not completed within 7 days, the award is withdrawn in order to meet another applicant's need.
  3. Privacy policy:  Financial aid awards are strictly CONFIDENTIAL. Communicating information about scholarships to other families or staff is prohibited.  Sharing information with others could lead to revocation of financial assistance. 
  4. Students and families must remain in good standing with the school to maintain eligibility. 




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