Lower School: 3rd-6th Grades


The elementary foundation continues to build with the core subjects of Reading, Language Arts, Writing, Mathematics, Science and Social Studies.  Curriculum utilized in our elementary program include the following:  Saxon Math & Phonics, McGraw-Hill Reading , Whole Literature, BJU Grammar & Composition, Apologia Science and more.  Outside learning activities, in addition to field trips, expand and enhance the core subjects.

Each subject follows a highly structured, orderly, and sequentially developed Scope and Sequence. The standard is high academically and socially for each student.   Each student’s needs and varying levels of abilities are individually assessed and monitored.  As deemed necessary by the classroom teacher, further testing may be recommended.   Hearing, visual, speech evaluation or a full battery of tests may be necessary in order to obtain more information about a student to best meet his/her needs.  




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