High School Academics


Both the Middle and High School students follow college simulated scheduling which promotes self-discipline, a strong work ethic and acquisition of the skills necessary to transition to institutions of higher learning.  Individual classes meet on a M/W/F schedule or T/TH. 


Academic Rigor and Enrichment Opportunities

  • Our Science department offers a full spectrum of college preparatory sciences including Honors Biology, Earth Science, Chemistry, Advanced Chemistry, Physics, Anatomy, Forensics, and more.
  • Our Math department utilizes traditional text, classroom instruction, and the use of ground-breaking technology to improve students' grade performance and success in math.
  • Our English department places a strong emphasis on essay writing and exposure to classical literature and includes a grant-winning writing program that involves a unique upper/lower school publishing project.
  • Our History department offers both the traditional high school history classes, as well as a rigorous Principles of Freedom class that exposes our students to the foundational principles of our Constitution.
  • Our Foreign Language department offers Spanish, French and Latin.
  • Our electives offer a wide array of opportunities including Art, Archery, Field Science, Home Economics, Leadership, Psychology, Sociology, Fiber Arts, Literary, Quiz Bowl, Newspaper, Creative Writing, Praise Band, Drama, Yearbook, Computer, P.E., Weight Training and more.

Eligible juniors and seniors are able to dual enroll at local colleges through the Move On When Ready program, earning both college and high school credit.







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